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Advait Vedanta Institute of Technology (ADVED), Jaipur is managed & being flourished under the leadership of Very Well-known Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr.K.M Bhandari of Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre,. Gopalpura bypass Jaipur. He is a well-known Doctor, Educationist & Philanthropist in the state of Rajasthan with interests in varied businesses..

ADVED is splendidly spread over 20 acres of land area. The college provides state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped labs and all modern facilities to develop future professionals with the right set of attitudes, skills and knowledge. ADVED has a vibrant campus providing academic and professional excellence which fosters innovative approach, participative culture, and academic rigor. The special efforts to recruit talented faculty and stirring admission procedure to select brilliant students across the country ensures a pool of skilled intellectual capital at any given time in the campus. This helps in a healthy and dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas. Ever since its inception the institute has been striving to become a leading center of learning, research, and innovation by developing world class infrastructure for creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge by blending traditional values with modern education.




  • Spacious, airy and state of the art classrooms and labs equipped with all the latest teaching aids to facilitate the process of learning.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi campus.
  • State-of-the-art computer labs with latest technology workstations and facilities.
  • Well-equipped online library which holds a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources.
  • Well furnished separate hostel facilities for boys and girls with caring wardens and tight security along with common rooms.
  • Cafeteria and mess which offer healthy and wholesome eating options.
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities like table-tennis, volleyball, football, cricket, badminton, gymnasium.


Advait Vedanta ( अद्वैत वेदान्त) is considered to be the most influential and dominant sub-school of the Vedanta (literally, end or the goal of the Vedas ) school of Hindu philosophy.

Advait (literally, non-duality or "not two") is a system of thought where "Advait" refers to the identity of the Self (Atman) and the Whole (Brahman). This oneness is a fundamental quality of everything. Everything is a part of and made of, one non-dual consciousness.

Self-realization, or the realization of the oneness of who we are, is not a distant goal that only a few can attain. The Self is that which is always and already present that which doesn't come and go. The love, peace, and happiness we have all been seeking is already here and is, in fact, who we are. Through simple self-inquiry, we can awaken from the dream of a separate self to the reality of Oneness, to the spiritual truth of who we are as non-dual consciousness.

Advait Vedanta is a philosophical concept where followers seek liberation by recognizing identity of the self as a whole through long preparation and training, usually under the guidance of a Guru (Mentor), that involves efforts such as knowledge of scriptures, renunciation of worldly activities, and inducement of direct identity experiences. Carrying this belief as our guiding light, we formed the "ADVAIT VEDANTA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY".

Advait Vedanta "Vission & Mission"


To become a leading centre of learning, research and innovation by developing world class infrastructure for creation dissemination and application of knowledge.

Our Mission:

  • To develop professionals through distinctive holistic education.
  • To foster application-oriented research and innovation.
  • To educate students by using practical approach to theoretical concepts.
  • To develop synergy with other institutions globally, so as to become a centre of excellence and a name to reckon with.

Academic & Coporate Advisiory Board

Name of Board Member Designation
Dr. Rekha Bhandari
Dr. K.M. Bhandari
Mr. Devendra Jain
Vice President
Dr. Ruchi Bhandari
Dr. Chirag Bhandari
Mr. Rahul Sharma



Education is the fundamental mechanism for social inclusion through the creation of more opportunities. We therefore believe that it is essential to ensure that every student is provided with the opportunity to participate in higher education.

Technology Driven:

In today's competitive environment, technology provides a cutting edge advantage. We ensure that through extensive computing facilities, campus-wide lan, wi-fi internet, lectures through video conferencing and synchronous learning technologies, students in every classroom come face-to-face with professors and industry for online tests and assignments which improves efficiency and reduces paperwork.

Research Orientation:

Immersion in a research culture equips us with a mindset for solving problems across all spheres of life. Recruiters yearn for it because this outlook helps one perform best on the job. Individuals are rewarded with great careers that a research mindset enables. Recognizing the importance of this, the institute has designed the programmes in a manner that exposes the students to the culture of research and project development. The institute strives to become the hub of research to capture synergies between teaching and research for which resource allocations, reward systems and mindsets are being built accordingly.


As collaboration within and among organizations becomes increasingly important, we strive to improve our corporate and academic tie-ups. As a collective genius, we are able to deliver students quality interactions with a strong industry interface and sustained employee engagement. The institute hence, has a strong inclination towards building a strong academia-academia and industry-academia interface that will align engineering education with employment opportunities.

Our Methodology

  • To recruit experienced and qualified faculty in every specialization
  • Innovative Teaching Methodology of Faculty Members To develop, distribute and deploy the most updated technologies of the world to acquaint and equip the students with the same
  • Application-oriented teaching methodology
  • Personality Development of students
  • Participation of students in various Academic Activities i.e. Paper Presentation, Software & Hardware Designing, Project Fabrication etc
  • Expert Lectures, Regular Industrial visits, Seminars, Live Projects, Industrial Training, National and International Conferences, International Projects
  • Workshops on entrepreneurship, business etiquette, negotiation skills, and effective communication skills for strengthening confidence and practical skills
  • Assistance in Summer Internships and Placements
  • Development of an Incubation Center to foster R and D projects from concept to commercial implementation, also for assistance in patenting, licensing and technology transfer
  • Training of job Oriented certification courses like ERP, CAD, SPSS etc
  • Tie-ups with Industries for on the job Training and Certification Programmes to hone the Technical as well as Management skills of the students