Campus Life

The institute believes that the true potential of students cannot be realized through academics alone. The students need to be provided with opportunities for exploring and enhancing their talents in extra- curricular activities as well. Accordingly, our academic programs are backed up with appropriate co-curricular and extra-curricular inputs promoting culture, sports, self-governance, ethics and values; all of which help the students towards becoming complete human being. Adved has many student clubs and student societies designed for the development of our students. They are managed by the students themselves which nurture their creative and cultural talents. Institute also helps to organize and promote theater and dance club workshops for interested students.

Life at the Adved campus is a memorable experience. The sprawling green campus offers the right environment for learning and development. The Institute practices high standards of ethics and discipline to shape the young into future-ready technocrats. Excellent learning facilities, sports, extra-curricular activities and social outreach programs offer a holistic development to the students and make them global leaders. Student organizations are an important part of the community at Adved and vital to the overall student experience.

They provide a means outside the classroom for students to make new connections, discover and develop their individual skills and abilities, learn from their peers and interact with alumni and corporate representatives.

Painting is a mode of creative expression, and the forms are numerous. The skills of drawing and painting in a relaxed and creative atmosphere can be visualized in the form of Art. Using a variety of materials and techniques the students paint their own imaginary world with the help of crayons and brushes.

The Drama Club is dedicated to promote drama as an art form. Theater Club is responsible for bringing all aspects of theater to the students. It provides the perfect podium if you have those acting skills in you. This club has a social commitment towards the key issues in the society. Club will be responsible for performing consistent exercises and workshops for the attainment of its prime objective. It is a club that allows students to be creative, expressive, and learn to work in a team.

Environmental Education and Awareness plays a significant role in encouraging and enhancing the participation in activities aimed at conservation, protection and management of the environment. The students have planted young saplings around the campus to promote greenery and showed their love towards the nature. Environmental Awareness group focuses on the clean up and the restoration of the nature in our area. We focus on educating others about how the small things can make a big difference.

If you can click the mood of the stuff and you know it, then check out the Photography Club. Express yourself in a visual way by getting up close and personal with the camera. Students can publish their photographs in the yearbook and students newspaper.

Robotics Club is the best place for all the so called "techno- freak" students of the college, who are interested in designing and making robots on their own. This Club provides the podium for implementation of innovative ideas and building robots for different applications. The club has its own workplace inside the campus where all the technocrats can work together.